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Re: Add/Remove software

Dana Mon, 05 Jun 2006 09:36:58 +0200, Thomas Canniot <thomas canniot laposte net> napisali ste:

Here is my procedure, as it worked fine (on windz):

- I opened up two browser windows, one with Punjabi, and onother with mine (Croatian)
- I wrote down the modules with less lines
- then I took POT files (name of the pot file is the same as the name of the module)
- Open up PO file in poEdit
- if file is bigger (like desc or summyry), let the poEdit check out the file (running numbers at the bottom of the poEdit window)
- on main menu choose:
	Catalog -> Update from POT file
- if POT file is in it place you will see it immediately, so double click it - poEdit will compare PO and POT and tell you about new and OBSOLETE lines (I gues, those that are degrated to the rank of fuzzy)
- click OK and that's it

If you cannot run poEdit, send me both PO and POT and I will update them as described.

Hope this helps

Best regs

Le dimanche 04 juin 2006 à 20:32 -0300, Igor Pires Soares a écrit :
I had the same problem with the pt_BR.po file and I notice that the
pt.po also has less entries than the
Spanish one. We have to be attentive because maybe there are other
modules out of date too.
I updated the file with this command:
msgmerge -U pt_BR.po pirut.pot

Igor Pires Soares

This is the command I was told. But one questions remains. As I am a new
contributor for the French translation and that nobody took care of
our .po files for several months, how can I be sure that every fr.po
files are synchronised with the .pot files. In other words, can we know
the number of string all the pot files have.

I also add that the most synchronised language at the moment is not
Spanish, but Punjabi :)


Best regards,
Renato Pavicic

mailto:repavici globalnet hr
also mailto:renato translator-shop org
also visit: www.translator-shop.org

Official Opera translator for Croatian language since April 2006

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