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[Fwd: translation-quick-start-guide]

Hi Noriko-San,

adding fedora-docs-list, so that we can get more feedback from Docs-Team


A S Alam

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I've translated the above guide and built html.
The html has been successfully built but only one para shows up in English, which is;

<para>To participate in the Fedora Project as a translator you need an account. You can apply for an account at <ulink url="http://i18n.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-signup/"/>. You need to provide a user name, an email address, a target language most likely your native language and the public part of your SSH key.</para>

This para is coming from cvs.fedoraproject.org:/cvs/docs/transaltion-quick-start-guide/po/ja_JP.po.
I am using Kbabel, and this para has been fully translated.

Anyone know how to fix?


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