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Re: translation-quick-start-guide into Japanese

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 16:50 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:


I've translated the above guide and built html.
The html has been successfully built but only one para shows up in English, which is;

<para>To participate in the Fedora Project as a translator you need an account. You can apply for an account at <ulink url="http://i18n.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-signup/"/>. You need to provide a user name, an email address, a target language most likely your native language and the public part of your SSH key.</para>

This para is coming from cvs.fedoraproject.org:/cvs/docs/transaltion-quick-start-guide/po/ja_JP.po.
I am using Kbabel, and this para has been fully translated.

Anyone know how to fix?

Hi Noriko,

When I build your translation, everything is complete.  Make sure you
have updated your docs-common/ module, and then in your
translation-quick-start-guide/ module, run "make distclean" and then
"make html-ja_JP" again.  Does the error still persist?

It is excellent news thank you!
Then now I might need someone for proofreading.

Bad news is still I am getting incomplete built.
I've cvs up'd docs-common/, run make distclean at transaltion-quick-start-guide/, then make html-ja_JP again. Everything beautifully shows up in Japanese except only this para but this para in English...



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