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Re: Important, urgent: Translation of new browser splash page (only 24 messages)

On 11/2/06, Xavier Conde Rueda <xavi conde gmail com> wrote:
2006/11/2, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
> The homepage splash is part of the overall release-notes module.  We
> picked up all PO files that were at least 90% finished.  If you'd like
> to get your PO picked up for publication with the release, you may need
> to translate some more strings:

Please be more flexible, i'm not gonna spend so many time on a release
notes that will be of no use on FC 7, but at least I can translate the
firefox homepage part.

I second that, README, README-BURNING-ISOS and the homepage will have,
at least I imagine so, less frequent and less substantial changes
between releases. Would it be possible to check if only those sections
are over 90% when parsing? Or split these into separate modules?


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