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Re: rhn-client-tools

Dana Thu, 02 Nov 2006 19:00:31 +0100, Boris Becker <beckerde hotmail com> napisali ste:

Yup! Looks like sentences are splitted over several indepentand lines. I am currently combining all those lines into readable sentences (otherwise there is no way to translate in an understable way), but this package needs to be fixed!

Also, there are lines with only one wrod and starting with small caps or semicolon, with no apparent connection to nearby lines.

Also, there is no apparent logic to why some llines (part of sentences) are quite long (over 20 words), and there are those with only 2-3 words.

As I still didn't manage to dload FC6, I cannot test that module at this momment, therefore I have no idea about visual layout of those lines.

I suggest that translating of this module should be put to hold, until this is fixed (thou, about 75% of this module is translatable)


Once more.
rhn-client-tools package has strings that are untranslatable.
They are not complete sentences.


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