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Re: Help improving translation


Thomas Canniot wrote:
There are few problems in our translation process :

- People are not communicating by mailing list. The fact is that
translation is often seen as a lonely activity and that you don't need
any response from someone to take a po file and translate it. There is
no way to know who is working on what.

How are they communicating then? If they do not communicate at all, but going their own, then you can ask them, no? Assuming the mailing list pointed here is fedora-trans-fr, keep posting then people can have a chance to learn proper way. It might be also useful to copy and paste the diff, so others can easily proofread. This is what fedora-trans-ja doing and I've learn it from there.

- The status page [1] are useful to know what has been translated, but
useless to know what has been read over.
- People do not use the reservation system "take" button and if they do,
they don't update they reservation.

Aman and Chester: PING!
I thought that people can not commit without clicking "take" button. Can you take a look?

What I'm planning to do : take every po file, and read over them until
FC7 comes out. This is the only way I found to avoid bad translation in

Howabout being the maintainer, so that the mail will be sent to you if someone translated the file.


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