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Re: Help improving translation

pe, 2006-11-24 kello 10:07 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto kirjoitti:
> Thomas Canniot wrote:
> > - People do not use the reservation system "take" button and if they do,
> > they don't update they reservation.
> Aman and Chester: PING!
> I thought that people can not commit without clicking "take" button. Can 
> you take a look?

Just in case everyone has forgotten the old discussions on this list
back in 2004; enforcing the "Take" button functionality was critisized a
lot by many translators.

Let me quote these two paragraphs by Christian Rose, which pretty well
summarize the main problem:

"Since 2000, I've been working from scratch on doing translations for
Red Hat and now Fedora, with the goal of keeping them high quality and
100% for every release. [...] We've recieved quite a lot of positive
feedback about the quality, too.

Thus it's not really exciting to see that any random bozo can suddenly
take over control over a Swedish translation and fill in dirty words.
I'm not amused."

In addition, for a typical translation "team" having only a few members,
or even only one, clicking a silly button on a page a dozen times to get
something committed is complete waste of time.

The Fedora translation project is far from being as translator friendly
as it should be.  The biggest problem is translations not getting
included in packages in time to make it into releases, although
translated well in advance.  The translator's task should be
translating, not writing bug reports about missing -- non-packaged --
translations on a regular basis.

Do not try to make the translation process any more complicated than it
is now by reintroducing the mandatory "Take" button, or else e.g. I will
find something more useful to do on my spare time.


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