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Re: Desktop-effects

Le dimanche 26 novembre 2006 à 01:21 +1000, Chester Cheng a écrit :
> Hi Igor,
> The .pot file hasn't been prepared by the author.
> It will be released soon and we can make po files then.

I think there is translation related problems here.

Why hasn't it been made BEFORE FC6 ?
Why hasn't it be done at the same time than developing desktop-effects ?
Why translation is always seen as second class interest by developers ?
Why most translators seem to accept this second class idea ?
Why bugzilla bug reports must be opened to force a developer to add
translations ?

Question I don't have any answer for ... yet ? 

> Cheers,
> Chester
> Igor Pires Soares 提到: 
> > Hello Guys!
> > 
> > Today I was looking into my "Translate" directory and noticed that there
> > is a desktop-effects folder, but there is only one po file inside. I
> > would like to know how to make a po file for my language.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Igor Pires Soares

Thomas Canniot

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