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Re: Processes in the L10N team

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Dimitris Glezos schreef:
> (removed -devel-list since this is a -trans-list issue)
> O/H Thomas Canniot έγραψε:
>> Le dimanche 26 novembre 2006 à 01:21 +1000, Chester Cheng a écrit :
>>> Hi Igor,
>>> The .pot file hasn't been prepared by the author.
>>> It will be released soon and we can make po files then.
>> I think there is translation related problems here.
>> Why hasn't it been made BEFORE FC6 ?
>> Why hasn't it be done at the same time than developing desktop-effects ?
>> Why translation is always seen as second class interest by developers ?
>> Why most translators seem to accept this second class idea ?
>> Why bugzilla bug reports must be opened to force a developer to add
>> translations ?
>> Question I don't have any answer for ... yet ?
> Thomas,
> I agree we need to fix our l10n process. I've spoken to some people and the
> presence of the gap is pretty much known. How can we fix it then?
> Here are some first ideas:
>   1. Start by documenting the need for attention to this matter, for
example by
> getting some numbers of the non-english users (e.g. fedora-brazil is HUGE)
>   2. List irritations the translators have stated in the past. One
example is
> releases not having up-to-date translations in packages [1].
>   3. Start having IRC meetings to discuss things, our progress and get
people to
> hang out on the IRC channel more often.
>   4. Think about electing a Steering committee for the team; check out the
> DocsProject voting proposal:
>     http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Policy/FDSCoElections
>   5. Start writing guidelines for developers and slowly try to make
them happen.
> A steering committee can help with this by having open communication
>   6. Open up a wiki page holding links to common/known problems, a bug
> for translation bugs (is there one?) and start pushing release-blocker
bugs for
> important issues.
>   7. Get the team closer to the Docs project; this team does a *great*
job and
> the two teams have a lot in common and could share experience, tools etc.
> The L10N project shouts "I need resurrection" with all it's strength.
So, to
> have something to hold onto, I copied the above points here:
>   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Tasks
> Ideas, comments, suggestions?
> -d
> [1]: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=207095
Nice list Dimitris, I totally agree.

I would like to add one more thing: the biggest problem (IMHO) is the
fact that the L10N-project is way outside the Fedora devel-space
(cvs-wise). Lots of package maintainers know about our efforts here,
but just don't see it, because of the fact that they have to use two
cvs-accounts / trees. I know the plan is to get ourselves on
cvs.fp.org and maybe we should just go for it. So what do we want when
we do the migration??

An idea:
- -> get hooked up in the Fedora Account System, now people on l10n and
docs need 2 accounts to get work done, cut it down to 1
- -> get a seperate cvsroot on cvs.fp.org with only .po / .pot -files.
- -> try to get into Jesse Keating's pungi, for l10n-inclusion (not so
sure if this is possible, if not just a hook in the build system)
- -> set up an sort of sponsor-managed cvs or dir in the cvsroot (as
extras, docs) so only language maintainers can commit (this may mean a
lot of pain for the maintainer, but gives more control) and those
files get into the build system
- -> (try to) migrate the web-interface and maybe add an
online-translation system to it, so we create a low barrier to the
project and thus more contributors + QA
- -> hook up a commit-mailinglist (or maybe just this one??)
- -> ....

Maybe we could call for a meeting with Fedora Infrastructure and Docs
when this list is ready and get this "issue" off our back :)


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