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Re: Processes in the L10N team (was: Desktop-effects)

On 11/27/06, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:
Josep Puigdemont (josep puigdemont gmail com) said:
> Then there is this issue with maintenance releases of Fedora. How do we
> update translations for FC5? Since we are only given HEAD in CVS, we
> don't know how to reach older, but maintained, releases.

If there are FC5 branches in CVS, you should be able to update to them
just fine.

For example, if you're in the 'initscripts' branch of CVS,
cvs -z3 up -r FC5-branch
should just work.

Ok, thanks Bill, I didn't know these branches existed.
We should put this information (branch names, etc) in the wiki
somewhere, or in the status pages.

It would also be nice to have status pages for the different
maintained releases: FC5, FC6, and rawhide. I don't know how
complicated this can be, but I could help out with it if needed.


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