New POT and PO available for Release Notes

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Sun Apr 22 02:33:38 UTC 2007

As shown on our schedule[1], the final Release Notes POT and PO are now
available for translation.  There have been a few string changes, but
not many -- about 70-75 total.  The Docs Project had hoped for the
feature freeze to keep the changes as low as possible, but our
developers have been squeezing in a few last improvements to make Fedora
7 as good as possible.  That means our Release Notes had to change a
little bit to match the changes.  In a few cases changes are for
readability or to correct conceptual errors.

  --==[[ The new PO deadline is 2359 UTC, 02 MAY 2007! ]]==--

Here are the new PO statistics shown as of this commit.  The "***"
markings for the locales es, fi, it, pt, sv, and zh_CN are to show that
these translation groups had fully translated the test4 PO before the
final changes were imported.  To those locales -- AMAZING WORK!  There's
plenty of time for other groups to catch up, with at least 10 days
available for more translation.

ca: 96/102/353/
cs: 1/9/541/
da: 211/225/115/
de: 113/176/238/
el: 221/254/52/
es: 453/24/50/		***
fi: 454/23/50/		***
fr: 146/199/182/
gu: 108/110/333/
hr: 122/88/341/
hu: 161/390/
it: 453/24/50/		***
ja: 96/198/233/
ml: 0/623/
ms: 40/73/438/
nb: 26/19/506/
nl: 272/13/242/
pa: 164/105/258/
pl: 215/221/115/
pt_BR: 325/93/109/
pt: 454/26/47/		***
ru: 187/199/141/
sr: 112/157/258/
sv: 454/26/47/		***
ta: 0/551/
uk: 187/201/139/
zh_CN: 449/31/47/	***

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