DocsProject common entities -- problem with translations?

Vojtěch Horký vojta.horky at
Wed Apr 4 21:38:31 UTC 2007

Piotr 'Raven' Drąg napsal(a):
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> Dimitris Glezos napisał(a):
>> Is there any language that would have a problem with this? One such problem
>> would be languages which change nouns ("Fedora") in different types of
>> sentences, for example:
>> In greek we've left these untranslated and we won't have a problem. What about
>> other languages? Is everyone OK with this?
> In Polish unchanged nouns look very bad and simply ugly. I don't think
> it's acceptable.
I completely agree with Piotr. With Czech it is the same - if you put 
everywhere just Fedora (in the basic form), it looks bad and sounds 
strange (and it is not gramatically correct). Moreover, I don't see any 
big advantage in using such entities - I am afraid they would just make 
things more complicated.
- Vojta

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