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Alexandru Szasz alexxed at
Wed Aug 1 06:08:02 UTC 2007

Full name: Alexandru Szasz
City: Timişoara
Country: Romania
Job: Software developer
Company: Ciao AG

I translated in Fedora until now, I have an account on, now
it's really confusing where should I continue to do that. I managed to
update the installer translations and get Romanian included in Fedora 7

I'd like to continue translating Fedora specific packages and the website.

I have worked in the past on translating every software I'm using in
romanian, right now I'm maintaining mozilla firefox's translation and I
participate in various other translation projects, like OpenOffice.

My skills are great in php programming, web interfaces, mysql databases,
unix administration, translating.

GPG key:

pub   1024D/3F92008A 2007-04-05
      Amprentă cheie = F22A E91B 5571 8BDD 39BF  D5EE C782 8BA4 3F92 008A
uid                  Alexandru Szasz (alexxed / open source projects) <
alexxed at>
sub   2048g/07D058A2 2007-04-05

Alexandru Szasz
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