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I've posted here before but I realized I have not introduce myself
formally. How rude of me. So here it is.

Name: Marek Zukal
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Job: 3rd year bachelor student
University: Brno University of Technology at the Faculty of Information
Me and Fedora Project:
I started with Fedora about two years ago when I was looking for
operating system for my new AMD64 processor. I had tried some Linux
distros before but Fedora totally got me so I've used it ever since. Now
I would like to help the project by translating Fedora to my language
(Czech). Though my active English is not exactly excellent (to few
opportunities to practice it), translating back from English to Czech is
a lot easier for me. Especially when it's computer related.

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Marek Zukal 

Jabber: zippy at
ICQ: 153806317

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