Anaconda version mismatch between cvs and t.fp.o

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at
Sun Aug 19 15:17:34 UTC 2007

Em Dom, 2007-08-19 às 15:59 +0200, Alain PORTAL escreveu:
> Perhaps this bug?

This is also happening with Brazilian Portuguese.
For instance, I have a backuped virt-manager .PO in my hard drive which
has 465 entries and the t.fp.o one has 423.

The POT-Creation-Date also differ:
Backup: POT-Creation-Date: 2007-07-04 13:15-0400
t.fp.o: POT-Creation-Date: 2007-04-12 19:22-0400

However, the t.fp.o interface is showing that the POT was updated on
2007-08-19 01:40:43 MST, also followed by the message: "Can't generate
POT file, using old one" as well as anaconda, like Xavier said.

Igor Pires Soares

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