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> Maybe a team may take responsibility of several different languages. I
> don't know if a language can be shared by different teams, though.
> But the statistics of
> http://translate.fedoraproject.org/teams/ur
> http://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/ur
> have some minor differences, who can explain this?
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Well I  have searched about Mr. Usman wo made some translations and got his
website http://cs.gift.edu.pk/~usmans/ where he has no current information
about this project and what I got in his CV is

Urdu Desktop Project
> Language plays an important role in learning, adoption and development of
> new
> concepts. Most of the advanced countries have translated technical
> literature and
> computer software in their native languages. It is very easy to learn,
> understand
> and communicate new concepts in one's native language. In Pakistan, we
> treat
> Urdu as our native language even though Urdu may not be our mother tongue.
> In this region, there is significant activity in translation and
> customization of open
> source software in local languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, and
> Punjabi
> (Gurmukhi). There is no or minimal effort to translate and customize open
> source
> software in Urdu language. This project is an effort to rectify this
> situation
> As I am student of BSCS (hons) therefore I took this as my final project.
> In this
> project I have verified and translated some of the Linux packages into
> Urdu.

So it seems that he is no more working on the translation project. He just
did it for presenting in his college project.
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