FLP Meeting 2007-08-21 Summary

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Tue Aug 21 23:53:00 UTC 2007

Στις 21-08-2007, 22:37 +0200, ο Peter Reuschlein έγραψε:
> * glezos will contact harald (maintainer of the s-c-network package)
> to sort out what the current problem is.

Caught up with harald today on IRC. He updated s-c-network to 1.4.0 in
rawhide, and included the latest translations. He wants to push an
update for F7 as well, but internal changes to the package make this
difficult for now.

We also talked about the string and translation freezes for F8. I
understood he didn't want what happened in F7 to be repeated.

The matter was *clearly* a miscommunication. We all have big inboxes,
especially developers. If a bug report goes unnoticed, we should send an
email to the person, and then a message on IRC. Letting people know and
poking them about things is rarely a bad thing.

And of course, patches are always welcome. :)

> * glezos will update the translation page with a more detailed
> information about translation freeze

I updated the release page with a more clear legend:


> * (warren) If you are not receiving a prompt and responsible response
> to pulling in translations especially before a key deadline, make sure
> a Bugzilla ticket is filed and CC katzj at redhat.com. Poke jeremy
> directly and make sure he sees it. He will beat people into action.

We should document these somewhere on the wiki. Probably on /L10N/Freezes


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