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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Wed Aug 29 00:09:50 UTC 2007

Αύγ 28 20:02:24 *	glezos has changed the topic to: The Fedora Localization Project - Meeting -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda
Αύγ 28 20:02:29 glezos	hey all
Αύγ 28 20:02:32 glezos	who's here?
Αύγ 28 20:02:55 beecher	Hey, RichardBukovansky (Czech Translation team)
Αύγ 28 20:03:20 fed	Hi MagnusLarsson (Swedish translation team)
Αύγ 28 20:03:23 vpv	VillePekkaVainio, fi
Αύγ 28 20:04:39 glezos	okey
Αύγ 28 20:05:16 glezos	I don't see the meeting log posted on the page
Αύγ 28 20:05:20 glezos	(the past meeting log)
Αύγ 28 20:05:40 glezos	Here's the summary: http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-trans-list/2007-August/msg00082.html
Αύγ 28 20:06:02 glezos	Most of the TODO were done
Αύγ 28 20:06:11 *	rdieter_away is now known as rdieter
Αύγ 28 20:06:18 glezos	I finished today all the checks I wanted to do on transifex
Αύγ 28 20:06:40 glezos	and we'll probably ready to add the fedora repos
Αύγ 28 20:06:45 glezos	I'll work on it today and tomorrow
Αύγ 28 20:07:10 beecher	?
Αύγ 28 20:07:12 glezos	Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have it working with the normal FAS -- we'll discuss this with Infra
Αύγ 28 20:07:27 glezos	beecher, go ahead
Αύγ 28 20:07:46 beecher	Greenhorn question: What's the Transifex, please?
Αύγ 28 20:08:23 beecher	Link would be enough. eof
Αύγ 28 20:08:25 glezos	beecher, sorry -- transifex is a system we are developing for allowing translators to submit translations to any version control system we are using
Αύγ 28 20:08:46 glezos	Here's the project's description: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007/DimitrisGlezos
Αύγ 28 20:08:57 glezos	And the project's homepage, code, etc: https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/transifex/
Αύγ 28 20:09:03 beecher	OK. Thanks.
Αύγ 28 20:09:57 glezos	That's it from me
Αύγ 28 20:10:05 glezos	we are in good shape
Αύγ 28 20:10:24 glezos	I'd like some help today and tomorrow for testing, so anyone who'd like to help, #fedora-l10n
Αύγ 28 20:10:50 glezos	any thoughts?
Αύγ 28 20:11:17 beecher	I will...
Αύγ 28 20:13:52 glezos	ok
Αύγ 28 20:13:57 glezos	anything else anyone would like to discuss?
Αύγ 28 20:13:59 fed	glezos: good work of you, but is this really the way to go? Having so many different VCS will probably lead to trouble..
Αύγ 28 20:14:32 glezos	fed, well, obviously we'd prefer if we translated stuff that are on cvs
Αύγ 28 20:14:34 fed	I've been out of Fedora for a while so Im sorry if this has been clarified already
Αύγ 28 20:14:41 glezos	on one VCS anyway)
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Αύγ 28 20:15:05 glezos	but there *are* stuff that are not hosted on cvs.fedoraproject.org which want translations
Αύγ 28 20:15:19 glezos	so the first step is to give translators the ability to send something there
Αύγ 28 20:15:55 glezos	if we see that it works, then I guess developers will have less thoughts in using any VCS they'd like
Αύγ 28 20:16:20 fed	we can have this discussion last. Lets do whatever was on the agenda first....
Αύγ 28 20:16:42 glezos	fed, I think we're done with the agenda -- I don't see any reason to do a live demo now
Αύγ 28 20:16:55 fed	hehe.. wow that was quick.
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Αύγ 28 20:17:25 glezos	fed, yeah, not many issues to discuss this week
Αύγ 28 20:17:30 beecher	?
Αύγ 28 20:17:39 fed	ok. speaking of demo, can you please do some screenshots and put on the web site for transifex...
Αύγ 28 20:18:06 glezos	fed, hang around #fedora-l10n, we are talking about it often
Αύγ 28 20:18:13 glezos	beecher, feel free to speak anytime you want :)
Αύγ 28 20:19:07 fed	and then back to the VCS stuff... Why do we have to adjust to other people's use of VCS? If they pick something out of the ordinary they should adapt to the rest rather than the opposite
Αύγ 28 20:19:12 beecher	Following meeting protocol... :) Anyway, which repos are going to be included in Transifex? Only Fedora related or others (like GNOME) also?
Αύγ 28 20:20:52 glezos	fed, well, since the developer is the one who's doing most of the complex stuff regarding the VCS, it's better if we let them decide the VCS they want
Αύγ 28 20:21:23 glezos	fed, translators usually just do a checkout & commit, once in a while. Developers interact with the VCSs much more
Αύγ 28 20:21:32 fed	glezos: thats fine but why do they have to pick 5 different ones? You want to use all?
Αύγ 28 20:21:47 fed	all outside Fedora as well?
Αύγ 28 20:21:56 walters	fed: the vcs scene is slowly converging
Αύγ 28 20:21:58 glezos	I think that making developers stick to one VCS (especially a centralized one like CVS/SVN) then this impedes development
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Αύγ 28 20:22:34 jeremy	walters: california may fall off of north america before the vcs scene converges :-)
Αύγ 28 20:23:04 jeremy	fed: for the same reasons that people prefer different editors or different desktops or ...
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Αύγ 28 20:23:10 jeremy	fed: each has its good and its bad points
Αύγ 28 20:23:12 fed	all: ok. nuff said about that... Thanks for the info all.
Αύγ 28 20:23:23 walters	jeremy: converging to 4 instead of like 10, anyways
Αύγ 28 20:23:34 walters	jeremy: i don't mean to 1 =)
Αύγ 28 20:23:49 fed	glezos: Why no live demo today?
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Αύγ 28 20:24:41 glezos	fed, we could have one if you guys would like
Αύγ 28 20:24:54 glezos	We have a testing environment. For more info: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007/DimitrisGlezos/Notes#testing
Αύγ 28 20:25:38 glezos	Here it is: http://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/submit/
Αύγ 28 20:26:15 glezos	instead of getting all to create accounts, let me grab a couple of screenshots
Αύγ 28 20:27:06 fed	glezos: there is nothing commited? I have to login to see?
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Αύγ 28 20:28:12 glezos	fed, it's a testing environment, we clear the data often. You need to be a translator to submit translations.
Αύγ 28 20:28:34 fed	I just want to see it... not submit... (not yet at least)
Αύγ 28 20:30:27 glezos	fed, 1 min
Αύγ 28 20:30:54 fed	glezos: it's ok. you can do later... Unless we are finished with meeting
Αύγ 28 20:31:11 beecher	BTW I have registred on Testing-FAS right now and I'm getting some Python errors when editing my account...
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Αύγ 28 20:32:19 glezos	ok, we can have this in #fedora-l10n
Αύγ 28 20:32:38 beecher	+1
Αύγ 28 20:32:58 glezos	any other topic for the meeting?
Αύγ 28 20:33:23 glezos	fed, were your questions answered?
Αύγ 28 20:34:23 beecher	My Q wasn't... But I will move it to fedora-l10n... ;)
Αύγ 28 20:34:44 glezos	beecher, oh sorry
Αύγ 28 20:34:46 fed	glezos: i think so... i need to see transifex first... maybe it will amaze me. later discussion.
Αύγ 28 20:35:10 glezos	beecher, we'll start with some fedora repositories/modules and play around with them
Αύγ 28 20:35:35 glezos	then if we see that everything is ok, we'll add the i18n.redhat.com CVS which still hosts some translatable modules
Αύγ 28 20:36:02 glezos	then we could add some related to Fedora modules like yumex, yum, OLPC
Αύγ 28 20:36:09 beecher	OK. Thanks.
Αύγ 28 20:36:20 fed	glezos: another question. If I want to do some translation right now, what are my options? Using the different VCS for the different modules manually?
Αύγ 28 20:36:44 glezos	it's more tricky to use it with projects which have existing translation communities because we need to think how to integrate transifex with their translation workflow
Αύγ 28 20:37:38 fed	glezos: to clarify: if I want to do what I did 6 months regarding Fedora translations, what do I do now?
Αύγ 28 20:37:47 glezos	fed, most of our projects (18/20) are hosted as before: some on i18n.redhat.com and some on cvs.fedoraproject.org. So you'll just need to create two accounts for them, like always
Αύγ 28 20:38:00 *	kital (n=Joerg_Si at fedora/kital) has joined #fedora-meeting
Αύγ 28 20:38:28 glezos	fed, very few modules have moved away from our traditional CVS servers.
Αύγ 28 20:39:16 glezos	for those few modules, until transifex is in place, you'll need to send the PO files to the maintainer manually (or ask him to add you to the users having write access)
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Αύγ 28 20:39:33 fed	glezos: So if I just use the CVS as before, I am safe (except for 2 modules)? Will it also show in your nice web pages you created to show status?
Αύγ 28 20:39:57 glezos	fed, yes (for both Qs)
Αύγ 28 20:40:33 fed	glezos: ok. thanks. That was a bit confusing at first.
Αύγ 28 20:40:37 *	knurd is now known as knurd_afk
Αύγ 28 20:41:06 glezos	fed, I'll create a wiki page explaining some of these things. Thanks for pointing them out.
Αύγ 28 20:41:18 *	glezos has changed the topic to: The Fedora Localization Project - Meeting -- Open floor
Αύγ 28 20:41:46 *	glezos is a bit tired and dizzy, sorry if I sound incoherent and stuff
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Αύγ 28 20:43:03 fed	glezos: it would be good just to know what has changed and what we have to do change with it. Basically, it similar to before except 2 modules needs to sent manually to maintainer. Glezos working on a common interface to all VCS.
Αύγ 28 20:43:45 glezos	fed, agreed
Αύγ 28 20:46:23 glezos	if there's nothing else, I'd suggest to close it and get back to work. :)
Αύγ 28 20:46:40 beecher	+1
Αύγ 28 20:47:11 fed	+1/2. I still want a demo, but we can take it in l10n instead.
Αύγ 28 20:47:39 glezos	fed, http://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/submit/ -- login with guest/guest
Αύγ 28 20:47:51 glezos	I've enabled it just for now
Αύγ 28 20:48:04 vpv	we should close it here, thanks, especially to glezos :)
Αύγ 28 20:48:10 glezos	vpv, thanks
Αύγ 28 20:48:34 glezos	closing in 30
Αύγ 28 20:48:41 fed	thanks... im logged in
Αύγ 28 20:48:57 glezos	</meeting>

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