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Στις 29-08-2007, ημέρα Τετ, και ώρα 20:06 +0000, ο/η Sveinn Svavarsson
> Hello
> I want to join in the translators team to improve the Icelandic 
> translation of fedora and I am introducing my self now.
> I have been a fedora user for three years now and have noticed that the 
> icelandic translation was incompleet and is getting constantly less 
> complete probably because nobody is updating it. So I want to hop in and 
> continue the work that has been started.
I don't have much programming skills but I am eager to learn and I am 
not afraid of the command line so I hope I will be able to start doing 
some work soon. That is after I've gotten fluent with cvs and diff and 
those po files which I hope I will figure out soon. I considder myself 
good speaking Icelandic which is a special language in many ways.

I noticed that there is no maintainer for Icelandic so I was wondering 
how do I become the maintainer?

Hey Sveinn!

Welcome to the Fedora translation team! Great to have you on board! :)

Much work has been done in Icelandic, but there are important stuff
(especially in documentation) that could need some love:

Take a look at the Join the FLP page for what you need to do to get the
necessary access to submit translations:

And for maintaining the language (please step up!):

Should you need anything, drop by #fedora-l10n on Freenode. 


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