FLP Meeting 2007-08-14 IRC log

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Tue Aug 14 20:24:12 UTC 2007

Aug 14 20:29:21 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora L10N meeting --
Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda
Aug 14 20:29:29 glezos	<meeting>
Aug 14 20:29:37 glezos	yay, who's here from L10n?
Aug 14 20:29:43 marek	MarekMahut
Aug 14 20:29:51 Raven46	PiotrDrąg (pl)
Aug 14 20:29:57 *	marek (sk) sorry
Aug 14 20:29:58 *	MrTom (n=mrtom at fedora/MrTom) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:29:59 glezos	DimitrisGlezos (el)
Aug 14 20:30:02 fabian_a	FabianAffolter (de)
Aug 14 20:30:03 Rasther	DiegoZacarao (pt_BR)
Aug 14 20:30:05 vpv	VillePekkaVainio (fi)
Aug 14 20:30:07 MrTom	ThomasCanniot (fr)
Aug 14 20:30:12 runa_b	RunaBhattacharjee (bn_IN)
Aug 14 20:30:50 glezos	anyone wants to chair?
Aug 14 20:31:28 glezos	also, someone to summarize & send email?
Aug 14 20:32:18 glezos	agenda is at $topic
Aug 14 20:32:31 glezos	# FUDCon presentation took place
Aug 14 20:32:45 glezos	everything went great, log was sent to the list
Aug 14 20:33:06 glezos	got a good feedback and some good ideas from other people
Aug 14 20:33:10 *	JSchmitt has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Aug 14 20:33:11 glezos	really glad we did it!
Aug 14 20:34:17 glezos	that's it for this
Aug 14 20:34:25 glezos	(I guess)
Aug 14 20:34:26 glezos	# TQSG update
Aug 14 20:34:27 Rasther Raven46 rdieter_away Renault ricky rordway rsc runa_b
Aug 14 20:34:42 glezos	runa_b, any news from this?
Aug 14 20:35:03 runa_b	glezos: noriko is in charge..no idea from me
Aug 14 20:35:11 glezos	runa_b, oh right, sorry
Aug 14 20:35:15 MrTom	!
Aug 14 20:35:30 glezos	MrTom, go ahead
Aug 14 20:35:32 MrTom	what is TQSG ? (stupid question?) eof
Aug 14 20:35:39 glezos	translation quick start guide, sorry
Aug 14 20:35:44 glezos	we need to update it with the new information
Aug 14 20:35:48 marek	!
Aug 14 20:36:43 glezos	I think we work the meeting out without the meeting
protocol (!'s) marek, go ahead
Aug 14 20:36:58 marek	ok, I propose that "translation quick start guide" should
be add with acro. TQSG, I was looking for it today and was quite confused
because of the name.
Aug 14 20:37:36 runa_b	+1
Aug 14 20:38:07 glezos	marek, +1.. can you go ahead and change it wherever you
think we should change it?
Aug 14 20:38:18 marek	glezos: ok
Aug 14 20:38:41 glezos	It's a wiki, everyone can edit and we're monitoring the
pages so no worries
Aug 14 20:39:55 glezos	So since TQSG is a L10n doc, we could discuss a bit about it
Aug 14 20:40:21 glezos	do you think it's in good shape?
Aug 14 20:40:30 glezos	are the changes mentioned at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Tasks/TQSG OK?
Aug 14 20:40:30 *	frozty_sa has quit ("the internet is missing...")
Aug 14 20:40:58 marek	glezos: I propose to only show the full name linked off
the main page, so every new can easily find it
Aug 14 20:41:31 glezos	there was an idea to have the content on the wiki instead
of Docbook. Advantages are easy to manage/update, more contributors possibly
(like any wiki page). The disadvantage for this is that translations are harder
(no PO files).
Aug 14 20:42:17 glezos	it's a pretty important doc for our project, and it's a
bit outdated. I'm sure translations are even more outdated as well..
Aug 14 20:44:02 glezos	any thoughts on this?
Aug 14 20:44:20 marek	not from my side, I agree that it needs a re-fresh
Aug 14 20:44:50 Rasther	I guess for update wiki better, but for translator is
too bad
Aug 14 20:45:16 Raven46	-1 for tqsg on wiki, but +1 for changes on
Aug 14 20:45:41 Rasther	Raven46: +1
Aug 14 20:46:36 glezos	okie
Aug 14 20:47:12 glezos	I'm +1 for having it in more translations than easily
editing it
Aug 14 20:47:37 glezos	I'll run a msgfmt --statisics and send an email to the
list for everyone to update their translations
Aug 14 20:47:51 glezos	# Organization of our modules
Aug 14 20:48:33 glezos	we don't have control on where each maintainer hosts
their software/doc
Aug 14 20:48:54 glezos	until transifex is in place (hopefully soonish) we can't
do anything about this
Aug 14 20:49:49 glezos	deployment has been delayed because of summer vacations
and security issues. For more info, see:
Aug 14 20:51:40 glezos	comments?
Aug 14 20:52:26 glezos	Next topic: # Decide on one meeting time, most likely Tue
Aug 14 20:52:36 glezos	runa_b, you're on this. :)
Aug 14 20:52:42 *	G (n=nigel at has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:52:58 runa_b	glezos: well the 1100 UTC dint quite get a quorum
Aug 14 20:53:05 *	G has quit (Client Quit)
Aug 14 20:53:15 *	G (n=nigel at wikipedia/NigelJ) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:53:23 runa_b	since the 1900 UTC time is doing fine then I guess its
best to stick on with this
Aug 14 20:53:24 glezos	runa_b, at least we tried, right?
Aug 14 20:53:29 runa_b	yup
Aug 14 20:53:31 glezos	+1 for 19
Aug 14 20:53:47 fabian_a	+1 for 19
Aug 14 20:53:53 Rasther	+1 for 19
Aug 14 20:54:00 runa_b	+1 (probable irregular attendence)
Aug 14 20:54:05 Raven46	+1
Aug 14 20:54:11 Raven46	for 19 ofc
Aug 14 20:54:26 *	nim-ni1 (n=nim-nim at fedora/nim-nim) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:54:32 marek	+1 19h UTC
Aug 14 20:54:54 glezos	and yes, unanimous it is.
Aug 14 20:55:09 glezos	moving on?
Aug 14 20:55:10 runa_b	:)
Aug 14 20:55:15 *	nim-ni1 has quit (Client Quit)
Aug 14 20:55:24 Rasther	yup
Aug 14 20:55:35 glezos	# Notification of Package movements between repositories
and their status.
Aug 14 20:55:46 glezos	runa_b, ?
Aug 14 20:55:49 runa_b	yup
Aug 14 20:56:18 runa_b	I am not sure if packages moved from elvis are completely
shifted to fpo or they still remain there
Aug 14 20:56:44 runa_b	and secondly..if any maintainers are moving the packages
then a standard notification ought to be sent
Aug 14 20:56:48 *	nim-ni1 (n=nim-nim at fedora/nim-nim) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:56:52 runa_b	eof
Aug 14 20:56:56 glezos	runa_b, good idea.
Aug 14 20:57:09 *	wolfy (n=lonewolf at fedora/wolfy) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:57:33 glezos	I think it would be good to have a wiki page explaining
what a module maintainer should do in order to have their resource handled by
the FLP
Aug 14 20:57:51 glezos	One, for example, would be to have it listed on
http://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/ with the correct information
Aug 14 20:58:50 *	G_ (n=nigel at wikipedia/NigelJ) has joined #fedora-meeting
Aug 14 20:58:54 glezos	anyone interested in writing a couple of guidelines for this?
Aug 14 20:59:18 *	wolfy (n=lonewolf at fedora/wolfy) has left #fedora-meeting ("Axe
me about Ebonics")
Aug 14 20:59:24 glezos	if we do have them, then we could send an email to
fedora-devel-list saying "please take a look at these guidelines and make sure
your module follows them"
Aug 14 20:59:37 runa_b	glezos: i could have volunteered but I am not thorough
with the information about the repositories
Aug 14 21:00:37 glezos	runa_b, we could all help out -- at least I'll do
whatever I can. Can you drive this through?
Aug 14 21:00:57 runa_b	glezos: umm...I can try. what end date are you looking at
Aug 14 21:01:16 glezos	runa_b, no idea, what do you think?
Aug 14 21:01:37 glezos	fabian_a, any thoughts on where we could mount this doc
on our wiki space?
Aug 14 21:01:56 runa_b	glezos: gimme one or two days to figure out how deep it
runs...perhaps we can talk on our channel sometime later this week
Aug 14 21:02:09 glezos	runa_b, great
Aug 14 21:02:23 runa_b	glezos: thanks
Aug 14 21:03:16 glezos	next topic then
Aug 14 21:03:17 glezos	Making Transifex/L10n updates a Feature for F8
Aug 14 21:03:23 *	bpepple|lt has quit ("Ex-Chat")
Aug 14 21:03:26 glezos	So this could be pretty important for us as a project
Aug 14 21:04:01 glezos	we've done a great deal of things
Aug 14 21:04:10 glezos	and IMO Fedora is more than just a product
Aug 14 21:05:02 glezos	it's also the community, the processes, the way we all
work. Having a non-OS feature like transifex a Feature (target) for F8 pushes
this idea forward
Aug 14 21:05:20 glezos	quaid and I drafted a page at
Aug 14 21:06:04 glezos	we called it FeatureLocalization but that's a bit too
vague as a release-specific feature
Aug 14 21:06:37 glezos	we could raise awareness for the importance of L10n and
the work we've done to get the FLP going as a full-features Project this way
Aug 14 21:06:42 vpv	+1 for this kind of stuff marked as a feature :)
Aug 14 21:06:43 glezos	what do you think?
Aug 14 21:07:09 *	nim-nim has quit (Success)
Aug 14 21:07:11 Raven46	+1 definitely :)
Aug 14 21:07:49 glezos	okey. I guess the feature proposal will be discussed in
the next RelEng meeting
Aug 14 21:08:25 glezos	any other thoughts on anything else before we close up?
Aug 14 21:08:39 glezos	Oh, it's 2 weeks until the string freeze
Aug 14 21:08:57 glezos	We need to open bug reports for any module that has
broken i18n support *before then*
Aug 14 21:09:09 Rasther	for Test2?
Aug 14 21:09:22 glezos	Rasther, for the whole F8 release!
Aug 14 21:09:28 marek	:)
Aug 14 21:09:31 glezos	See: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/8/Schedule
Aug 14 21:09:45 glezos	If you know a module has missing strings, open a bug
report asap!
Aug 14 21:10:07 marek	I will work hardly on sk translation these days
Aug 14 21:10:14 glezos	after August 28th the developer can't change the strings
without the approval of L10n -- see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10n/Freezes
Aug 14 21:10:24 glezos	marek, *awesome*!
Aug 14 21:10:32 Rasther	ahh.. right..
Aug 14 21:10:33 glezos	marek, send an email to the list if you need anything
Aug 14 21:10:34 *	jwb is now known as jwb_gone
Aug 14 21:10:54 Rasther	I thought "F8 translation freeze"
Aug 14 21:11:05 marek	glezos: it's a lot of thing, and I don't know what module
to do first (I guess important are initscripts)
Aug 14 21:11:29 glezos	marek, see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/GUI
Aug 14 21:11:50 *	marek bookmarks
Aug 14 21:12:05 *	G has quit (Connection timed out)
Aug 14 21:12:18 glezos	There's a way to check the completeness of a GUI.. One
could translate everything as "." (for example) and fire up the application..
The strings that won't be translated will show up 'cause everything else will be
Aug 14 21:12:31 glezos	I did that for flpweb to make sure all strings were
marked for translation
Aug 14 21:12:42 glezos	but I guess that's a pretty big job for all our modules.
Aug 14 21:13:08 glezos	okey!
Aug 14 21:13:13 glezos	wrapping up then?
Aug 14 21:13:31 glezos	someone to send the IRC log to the list and on our page?
Aug 14 21:14:00 glezos	oh, </meeting>

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