Translation Quick Start Guide

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Thu Aug 23 05:00:26 UTC 2007


Splitting main file into multiple files has just been completed now.
All files have been added and committed in existing
translataion-quick-start/ directory. I have successfully built english,
so hopefully everything should work.

* File structure
Since most of works were cut&paste, it may look ugly somewhere. Please
feel free to make it nicer.

* po/ directory for translation
I have not touched at all as no idea how makefile works with.
Could someone please have a look and fix accordingly?

* Update each chapter
Please grab any file and make update.
Before you work, please insert your name beside of the chapter at
Once finish, do not forget to update rpm-info.xml.

* Expand the guide
Please feel free to add new file as new chapter.
Before you work, please add new chapter name and insert your name beside
it at
Once finish, do not forget to update Makefile and rpm-info.xml.


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