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Some rough plans/thoughts on L10n, Transifex and Everything

Hey all,

Following the Open Translation Tools and FOSS.IN events, I sat down
and collected various thoughts and ideas for our translation
infrastructure. I tried organizing them in decreasing urgency,
although the bottom ones tend to be the really interesting ones with
big potential.


I'm happy to notice that a bunch of projects are interesting in our
infrastructure. Upstream projects mostly, but also other communities
similar to Fedora [1]. It seems we are not completely crazy after all.


[1]: http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2007/12/05#foss-in-3

Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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