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Re:Willing to start the Kannada Localization Team

Dear Raghavendra,
As we have discussed earlier (off the list) I am almost done with all the procedures needed to form the team. I will let you know as and when it is done.
I am very pleased to know that you are quite enthusiastic towards the efforts of FLP in to Kannada. I am looking forward to your kind help in this work.
Please pool up as many as like minded guys for this task.
Hoping to have active mailing list for the Kn-IN.

Shankar Prasad
(svenkate redhatdotcom)

Dear Group,
  I Ragavendra would like to take the responsibility of becoming the
Maintainer for the Kannada language. After finding that there does not
exist any team for translating Fedora in kannada, it happens to be a
very fruitful responsibility for me to become its Maintainer.
  My mother tongue is kannada, I can accomplish the translation task
by assigning it my team members.


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