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Re: system-config-rootpassword in transifex

Francesco Tombolini ha scritto:
Lubomir Kundrak ha scritto:
Hi translators,

This is just to let you know that PO-s in the Subversion repository of
system-config-rootpassword are available for translation via Transifex
(thanks Dimitris).

If you're just spending the boring holidays with your families and don't
have anything interesting to do, the system-config-rootpassword being
short and largely unfinished can help you spend your otherwise useless
time :)

Thanks, and happy holidays!
I admit that I have some little problems with the new translation system (it is more simple for someone, but is more complex for me than a single cvs repo), and I'm not always updated about all threads in this list... but following the example in TQSG I cant submit the changes.

Can anyone explain me how to submit the changes? I feel discouraged to work with a system that constrain me to download .po from web, work whithout the history and logging features of cvs and submit the result to someone by mail or other method to commit...

And, by the way, why for all language there is a warning like "Don't know where to look..."?


I reply to myself... actually in TQSG the submit link redirect visitor to https://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/submit/module/ but the submit link to this module I have discovered is https://translate.fedoraproject.org/submit/module/

Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net>
Key fingerprint = EDA9 7504 AA93 CEFC 5990  1356 8584 6B05 F140 5F73

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