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Re: Problem committing new POT/PO

Hi Paul,

I think it's permission issue (which I can't solve).  :P
However, I think you can send the .pot file to me and I can upload for you.
Hope this helps.


Paul W. Frields 提到:
$ cvs ci -m 'Update to latest FC-6 version'
Testing af.po...
Testing am.po...
Testing zh_CN.po...
Testing zh_TW.po...
Testing zu.po...
[pfrields] is not registered or not activated.
**** Access allowed: pfrields is in ACL for install-guide/po.
cvs server: Pre-commit check failed
cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!

Can someone help me get this fixed so I can bring over our newest FC-6
installation guide changes?


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