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Re: informal translator survey

Em Thursday, 22 de February de 2007 16:39, o Bill Nottingham escreveu:
> Some random questions...
> 1) Would you, as a translator, be OK with having to use git, mercurial,
>    subversion, or cvs, depending on which app you're translating?
I rather prefer to use one and only VCS. Separating different applications in 
different repositories will generate management issues, especially for people 
like the PT team, which has automatic hourly Web pages to report the 
translation status.

My suggestion would be to use Subversion (I'm a KDE translator as well, and 
they've migrated their repositories to SVN - besides the power features and 
repository frontends). But CVS is OK for us.

> 2) Would you, as a translator, be OK with doing all translating through
>    a web-based application?
Without PO file download/upload features, I won't agree. Most of the time, I'm 
a massive translator, who updates translations in bursts, and the active PT 
team has just 2 collaborators at the moment, besides some co-collaborators, 
so there are no translation conflicts, most of the time.

Besides that, to control translation inconsistencies, spelling errors and 
syntax errors, the PT team uses the Gettext-Lint (http://gettext-lint.sf.net) 
automated tools. A Web-only management would be very complicated for us, in 
that case.

> Bill
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