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Re: informal translator survey

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 20:26 +0800, joel.gump wrote:
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > Some random questions...
> >
> > 1) Would you, as a translator, be OK with having to use git, mercurial,
> >    subversion, or cvs, depending on which app you're translating?
> >   
>  subversion/cvs OK.

I would be happy with either git, mercurial, etc, if they help the
developers to be more productive or it simplifies the infrastructure.
However, the respective tools should be available as packages in Fedora
and can be easily installed. In addition, the commands that the
translator should be exposed to for the translation work should be
simple and well-explained.

> > 2) Would you, as a translator, be OK with doing all translating through
> >    a web-based application?

Web-based translation has lower responsiveness, when going from one
message to the next. Other tools (Rosetta, Pootle) require by default to
use the mouse to go to the next message. I find that too distracting.
I would see a web-based application beneficial if it allows the team
leader to pick and choose those translation domains to make available
for web-translation, get many people to contribute in parallel, then
export the .po file for final checking and submission.
In other works, it would be desirable if the web-application had these
modes of working:
1. Completely bypass the web-application, use as now.
2. The team leader picks those packages and makes available through the
web-based application. The web-based application allows work in parallel
and many submissions, then the team leader to view and pick the
appropriate choice. She then may hit an option to send the translation
upstream, or export as .po file and upload using svn, cvs, etc.
3. Complete web-based translation. No requirement to deal with version
control systems.

I recognise that all this may add too much complexity to the translation


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