Meeting summary -- 10 July 2007

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Tue Jul 10 20:24:27 UTC 2007


glezos DimitrisGlezos (el)
Raven46 PiotrDrąg (pl)
vpv VillePekkaVainio (fi)
Standbye PeterReuschlein (de)
Rasther DiegoZacarao (pt_BR)
fabian_a FabianAffolter (de)


 * Finnish team to decide for a maintainer (vpv, ln-)

 * Request a replica of the current wiki to test the performance of the language
patch (Ville, Samy?)

 * Send an email to fedora-i18n-list to see if they are OK hosting the technical
discussions around translations. (Dimitris)

 * Wiki reorganization from Fabian looks OK, no comments probably means
satisfaction. Deprecate the language list on L10N/Teams in favour of
translate.fpo (Fabian)

 * Morning meeting was cancelled; two meeting times are confusing. Maybe
sticking with one time will bring more people at the meetings. Remember to send
a reminder before each meeting.

 * translate.fpo is ready to go, got corrected/edited by folks from DocsProject.
translator-credits was added in the front page. Remove warning on the top.
(Diego or Dimitris)

Dimitris Glezos
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