Meeting IRC log -- 10 July 2007

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Tue Jul 10 21:18:39 UTC 2007

Jul 10 20:21:24 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda:
Jul 10 20:21:33 glezos	<meeting>
Jul 10 20:21:39 glezos	So who's here?
Jul 10 20:22:03 glezos	DimitrisGlezos (el)
Jul 10 20:22:06 Raven46	PiotrDrąg (pl)
Jul 10 20:22:11 vpv	VillePekkaVainio (fi)
Jul 10 20:22:22 Standbye	PeterReuschlein (de)
Jul 10 20:22:35 Rasther	DiegoZacarao (pt_BR)
Jul 10 20:23:29 glezos	okey, more people might come later on
Jul 10 20:23:31 fabian_a	FabianAffolter (de)
Jul 10 20:23:47 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: -- Person
to summarize current meeting
Jul 10 20:23:57 glezos	any volunteer to summarize today's meeting?
Jul 10 20:25:07 glezos	okey, I'll do it then. :)
Jul 10 20:25:17 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: -- Update
from last week's goals/TODOs
Jul 10 20:25:40 glezos	so, last week we've distributed some taks
Jul 10 20:25:55 glezos	Here's the summary Diego prepared:
Jul 10 20:26:27 glezos	> Domingo Becker will contact the teams that aren't
listed on and also some others that
haven't suggested a maintainer .
Jul 10 20:26:38 glezos	Domingo isn't around. Anyone heard if he contacted the teams?
Jul 10 20:27:21 vpv	He contacted us (fi), I guess he has contacted others as well
Jul 10 20:27:43 glezos	okie then
Jul 10 20:27:57 glezos	vpv: BTW, how come you haven't stepped up as a maintainer? :)
Jul 10 20:28:28 vpv	glezos: well we have discussed it with Lauri (ln) but
haven't made the decision yet
Jul 10 20:28:42 glezos	vpv: okie dokie.
Jul 10 20:28:57 glezos	what else..
Jul 10 20:29:12 glezos	I haven't seen an update from the wiki translation issue
Jul 10 20:29:24 glezos	vpv: did you have any discussions on IRC about patching moin?
Jul 10 20:29:47 vpv	I haven't had time to look at the issue at all, I don't know
about Samiby
Jul 10 20:30:05 glezos	Infra has setup a yum repo at, so it's probably easier now to have
patched versions hosted somewhere
Jul 10 20:30:06 vpv	seems he's not here now. real life changed my plans for the
weekend ;)
Jul 10 20:30:49 glezos	okey, we can check again next week.
Jul 10 20:30:59 vpv	I did go over the patch that is in Moin wiki quickly, but I
haven't tested it or anything
Jul 10 20:31:14 vpv	it does look quite alright
Jul 10 20:31:28 glezos	vpv: do you think it will scale to our needs?
Jul 10 20:32:10 vpv	that's the thing, it might be too slow, I guess Fedora's
wiki is a lot bigger than Moin wikis usually are
Jul 10 20:32:45 glezos	vpv: maybe we can request from Infra a test instance of
the wiki in its current state to test it.
Jul 10 20:32:58 glezos	let's see if it is feasible. mmcgrath: ping
Jul 10 20:33:49 glezos	later maybe.
Jul 10 20:34:10 glezos	Next todo we could discuss now: mailing lists
Jul 10 20:34:26 glezos	so I've sent some emails for the lists, but nothing was
Jul 10 20:34:50 glezos	I need do send one to fedora-i18n-list to see if they are
OK hosting the technical discussions around translations.
Jul 10 20:35:04 glezos	I'll do it right after the meeting.
Jul 10 20:35:30 glezos	As far as the -announce is concerned, we can try the
approach of using the cvsl10n group to announce stuff, at least for now.
Jul 10 20:35:57 glezos	The good thing with this is that we can easily get a list
of all people in it and if we decide to create an -announce, we can easily
import all members in.
Jul 10 20:36:22 glezos	fabian_a: any news from the wikispace reorganization?
Jul 10 20:36:37 fabian_a	till now, there is no feedback
Jul 10 20:37:09 fabian_a	eof
Jul 10 20:37:10 glezos	fabian_a: that can either be a sign of satisfaction or
apathy. :)
Jul 10 20:37:28 *	IgorPS (n=igor at has joined #fedora-meeting
Jul 10 20:37:29 fabian_a	sure
Jul 10 20:37:30 glezos	I think it's the first, 'cause it's definitely better
than before
Jul 10 20:37:32 glezos	IgorPS: yo
Jul 10 20:37:35 Raven46	+1 for satisfaction ;)
Jul 10 20:38:13 glezos	any other last-week goal we need an update on?
Jul 10 20:38:16 IgorPS	glezos: Hey! :)
Jul 10 20:38:17 fabian_a	the ideas:
Jul 10 20:39:25 glezos	so the tricky part with ideas and TODOs is that if they
haven't got a name next to them, they are not very useful
Jul 10 20:39:57 glezos	let's hope with the meetings we will begin to distribute
work and make our l10n world a slightly better place to work :)
Jul 10 20:40:24 glezos	Any comments on the Redesign task page fabian_a just posted?
Jul 10 20:41:17 glezos	fabian_a: I'm +1 for deprecating the language list in
favour of the translate.fpo site
Jul 10 20:41:24 glezos	no reason to have duplicated content
Jul 10 20:41:36 glezos	which, for dynamic content, is even worse
Jul 10 20:42:08 glezos	fabian_a: any further comments, requests for the wiki
Jul 10 20:42:39 fabian_a	no
Jul 10 20:42:43 *	JSchmitt has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Jul 10 20:43:03 glezos	ok then
Jul 10 20:43:07 glezos	moving on
Jul 10 20:43:11 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: -- Two
meeting times might be confusing
Jul 10 20:43:22 glezos	anyone knows what happened today and the meeting was
Jul 10 20:43:33 Standbye	hnmm
Jul 10 20:43:34 glezos	I read that there were 6 people
Jul 10 20:43:40 Standbye	yeh
Jul 10 20:43:50 Standbye	we thought that around 1900 might be more ppl
Jul 10 20:44:04 glezos	Standbye: I think we are 6 now as well.
Jul 10 20:44:06 glezos	:)
Jul 10 20:44:12 Standbye	no luck so ^^
Jul 10 20:44:33 glezos	anyway. I guess people might have forgotten (I did)
Jul 10 20:44:58 glezos	let's try to remember to send reminders the day before
Jul 10 20:44:58 vpv	nobody remembered to send a reminder...
Jul 10 20:45:12 glezos	vpv: they might have forgotten to remember to send a
Jul 10 20:45:26 glezos	<grin>
Jul 10 20:45:44 Standbye	they might need a reminder to send a reminder *sic*
Jul 10 20:45:49 skvidal SmootherFrOgZ sm|CPU spot Standbye stickster
Jul 10 20:45:53 glezos	Standbye: right. :)
Jul 10 20:45:54 vpv	haha
Jul 10 20:46:27 glezos	Next meeting will be at 19UTC again to keep the schedule.
Jul 10 20:46:39 Raven46	I was just in work on the morning today :/
Jul 10 20:47:15 glezos	moving on then?
Jul 10 20:47:19 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: --
fedora-trans-list moderator needed
Jul 10 20:47:34 glezos	Last week's IRC log hasn't passed through the filters
Jul 10 20:48:06 glezos	I've sent an email to the admins
Jul 10 20:48:14 glezos	to add couf as a moderator/admin
Jul 10 20:48:30 glezos	Haven't received an answer yet
Jul 10 20:48:51 glezos	Sending a reminder now.
Jul 10 20:49:33 glezos	done.
Jul 10 20:50:08 glezos	fedora-docs-project has the whole steering committee as
admins to load-balance the requests
Jul 10 20:50:56 glezos	let's see how it goes by adding couf and we'll decide in
the future if anyone else is needed
Jul 10 20:51:04 glezos	I'm all for distributed work.
Jul 10 20:51:36 glezos	any comments on this?
Jul 10 20:52:15 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: -- righty
Jul 10 20:52:20 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: --
Transifex progress update
Jul 10 20:52:36 *	boto (n=ehabkost at has joined #fedora-meeting
Jul 10 20:52:40 glezos	Before talking about transifex, a little update on
Jul 10 20:53:07 glezos	So last week we've had a major fix for the site
Jul 10 20:53:18 glezos	the OLPC release wasn't showing up and the hg/git modules
weren't updating correctly
Jul 10 20:53:29 glezos	Thanks to discussions with upstream we resolved the problem.
Jul 10 20:53:56 glezos	we needed to explicitely add the branch to each module in
Jul 10 20:54:13 glezos	because they default to "HEAD", which isn't applicable
for hg/git
Jul 10 20:54:30 glezos	now the olpc release shows up nicely:
Jul 10 20:54:50 glezos	also, thanks to Rasther,
Jul 10 20:55:31 glezos	I've sat and added translator credits to the software
Jul 10 20:56:06 glezos	so if it is shown translated, the name of the translator
is shown up
Jul 10 20:56:19 Raven46	nice
Jul 10 20:56:26 glezos	something like this:
Jul 10 20:57:11 glezos	ivazquez and quaid have edited the strings and now we've
got a DocsProject-quality content there. :-)
Jul 10 20:57:12 *	rwmjones (n=rjones at has joined #fedora-meeting
Jul 10 20:57:35 glezos	thanks guys.,
Jul 10 20:57:40 glezos	so, about transifex
Jul 10 20:57:51 Raven46	glezos: could you refresh po files to take this changes
to every language? :)
Jul 10 20:58:05 quaid	glezos: I haven't looked everywhere I could, but otherwise
I think the site is ready to go
Jul 10 20:58:09 glezos	Raven46: I thought I did, no?
Jul 10 20:58:14 quaid	"good enough" :)
Jul 10 20:58:14 Raven46	nope :/
Jul 10 20:58:26 glezos	quaid: cool. then we can remove the admonition?
Jul 10 20:58:35 glezos	Raven46: sorry about that. thanks for reminding.
Jul 10 20:58:50 quaid	glezos: be it so!  that admonition was data-oriented; if
the data is good, then its good to go :)
Jul 10 20:59:19 Raven46	glezos: one more thing, statistics aren't very up2 date
Jul 10 20:59:42 glezos	Raven46: have you noticed for which module this applies?
Jul 10 21:00:04 Raven46	compare old i18n.rh.c and damned lies
Jul 10 21:00:37 glezos	Raven46: best thing would be to track this through a bug
report I think.
Jul 10 21:01:07 Raven46	here: almost every software
(except desc and s-c-bind) is 100% translated
Jul 10 21:01:09 Raven46	ok
Jul 10 21:01:25 glezos	Raven46: cool.
Jul 10 21:02:11 glezos	Rasther: can you remove the warning from our template?
Jul 10 21:02:59 glezos	maybe he isn't around
Jul 10 21:03:09 glezos	so, about transifex
Jul 10 21:03:16 glezos	the security issues are very important
Jul 10 21:03:27 *	thimm (n=thimm at has left
Jul 10 21:03:45 glezos	so I've sent an email to Infrastructure to get feedback
from more experienced people
Jul 10 21:04:57 *	glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Project
meeting -- Agenda: -- Open floor
Jul 10 21:05:04 *	mdomsch (n=Matt_Dom at has
joined #fedora-meeting
Jul 10 21:05:14 glezos	comments, suggestions, anything
Jul 10 21:08:09 glezos	closing then?
Jul 10 21:08:22 fabian_a	+1
Jul 10 21:08:51 glezos	in 10...
Jul 10 21:08:57 glezos	2
Jul 10 21:08:57 glezos	1
Jul 10 21:09:00 glezos	</meeting>

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