What's the future for translation inside the FP ?

Bart Couvreur couf at skynet.be
Sat Jun 2 15:11:45 UTC 2007

Op vrijdag 01-06-2007 om 16:05 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Dimitris
> O/H Thomas Canniot έγραψε:
> > Several months ago, we were asked about the future of translation
> > inside the Fedora Project.
> > Some people were in favour of a web UI (like Rosetta) to translate po
> > files, others wanted to keep the actual system, but with better tools
> > (for stats, updates and merges), and others wanted to be able to choose
> > between a rosetta-like system and the cvs/po one.
> > 
> > Then... what has been decided ? What is going on ?

Hey, you beat me to the punch, superb :-)

> Hey Thomas.
> There are a number of issues that could make the life for us translators more
> easy. We'll try to address as many of them as possible, and as soon as possible.
>   1. One of them is that currently the PO files are hosted on a system outside
> the Fedora Infrastructure. Much effort has been given to make this system
> functional and the truth is it *does* do its job. However, our growing needs as
> a translation project require for us to have the L10N system hooked-up onto the
> Fedora Account System, so that we manage our ACLs from there and be able to
> extend it as we want.

> For this, the plan is to copy our whole CVS from this system to cvs.fp.o, and
> begin development there, giving rights to translators to the PO dirs. The good
> thing about this is that the Docs Project has already tried this and applied
> ACLs which the L10N project has used and have worked great (BTW, we have had
> more translations for the relnotes than the previous release, which shows that
> the move hasn't affected the translations in a negative way).
> I've talked this over with many people from the Board, the RelEng team and the
> Infrastructure. We even stepped forward and gave it a try, which was successful.
> This should happen in the next week (the plan was once F7 is out).
We should get this done *before* Test 1 if we don't want to run into
problems and not being able to get translations into the distro, due to
people having to transition.

By this: I would like to remind everyone here to create an account in
the Fedora Accounts System and join the cvsl10n group as explained on
our Join-page.
>   2. For statistics, I'll try to hook-up GNOME's Damned Lies interface [1] on
> our infrastructure. This should happen somewhere in the next 30 days and produce
> a URL like [2].
>     [1]: http://l10n.gnome.org/
>     [2]: http://l10n.fedoraproject.org/
Coolness, if you need any help, just yell

>   3. To better integrate with upstream projects by giving translators access to
> outside-hosted projects (like those hosted on `hosted.fp.o` and elsewhere), we
> have a Google Summer of Code running. I'll try my best for this, although it's
> an extremely busy period. The timespan for this is in the next 3 months.
>   4. Finally, we'll continue to monitor -devel-list and notify maintainers for
> string freezes, so that we have enough time for completed translations.

I'd like to add some other random stuff, I've been thinking about:

5. In a previous meeting of FDSCo, we felt that it's hard to contact
everyone in L10N, especially because we have fedora-trans-<lang> lists.
Not everyone is on this list, whatever the reason may be, so the idea
was to create a fedora-trans-announce list to which developers and the
docs guys could send e-mails that get distributed over all the
trans-lists. We could even hook up the CVS to get mails sent out
whenever a POT-file changes (based on filename or a keyword).

6. Bug the developers of the Fedora-specific programs to add
credit-dialogs like both Gnome and KDE have. I'm gonna try to get this
as a blocker for Fedora 8. If anyone wants to help do the bugging, don't
be shy :-)

7. Translation of the static website: It's possible to generate a pot
from the html, which can be used to translate and regenerate the
translated html. I'd rather keep this as a low priority thing, because
the website will be moving to Plone this summer (or it should), but we
can take a look at it.

8. Fedora Translation Steering Committee: we're a Fedora Project and
thus we must oblige the project standards, which require an elected
steering committee and meetings. Do we need this??

Any other ideas / wishes?

Bart <couf at fedoraproject.org> <couf at skynet.be>
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