L10N Meeting Time proposals

Thomas Canniot mrtom at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jun 10 21:02:56 UTC 2007

Hello all, 

We are to organise meetings to improve the organisation of the whole
L10N Project inside Fedora. Several topics must be discussed about the
future webUI on which Dimitri is working on and to have a moment every
week or every two week to better communicate between us and work as a
team (to tell what rocks, what sucks and how to improve it). I can see
into many people eyes, that they have things to share with all the

We need as many interested people as possible who wish to share their
mind about translation in Fedora to attend the meetings. It would be
very cool to have at least one people per local team for the future

Here is a list of meeting times proposal for future meetings :

Monday 19:00 UTC
Tuesday 19:00 UTC
Wednesday 19:00 UTC
Thursday 19:00 UTC
Friday 19:00 UTC
Saturday 19:00 UTC
Sunday 19:00 UTC

Please add you name and you local in brackets for every day you could
be available for a future meeting.

The meeting will be held on #fedora-meeting.


Thomas Canniot (fr)

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