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Wiki localization


During yesterday's meeting, we talked about making wiki more localized. 
What is this about ? For example, in french team, we often see french
users reading english version of pages that have been translated!
It's because there's no way to see if a page have been translated or

To solve this problem, i've been discussing with websites team. We're
thinking about 2 different solutions:
1. Patch the wiki to list translations automatically for each page (i've
dropped a message on infrastructure list this morning, to see if it's
possible). Then it would be quite simple for us to manage translations
(but not for infra team that would have to patch wiki).
2. Creating subpages, for each page, listing translations. There's a
test page here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Wikipages
It would require more effort for translation teams, but less for infra

Any questions, comments, or ideas ?



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