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Re: [Fwd: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging]


Comments under quote...

The L10n project has been discussing for a while now (also at FOSDEM with
mspevack) about ways to improve our translation processes. We estimate that more
than 1 out of 3 users uses a non-English desktop.

I agree. In my country (Croatia) even more for MS-products. That's the reason why we put so musch effort in Linux localization :)

## CVS convergence

Yes, having all translations under one roof is always good. Helps coordination and creation of progress reports.

## Packaging translations

One final plan (and probably the one that needs most discussion) is about
changing the way we package translations. Right now PO files live inside the application and are packaged there (GNOME-style). The plan is to move the PO files in to their own directory and distinct package [4] (KDE-style langpacks).

Simultaneously with my work on Fedora, I've been working on KDE as well. From my experience, as a translator and user of that translation, it looks to me that KDE has far better approach. I always had trouble inserting translation into Fedora (ususaly I wait for a official realease). On KDE its quite easy - just download the daily langpack build that is automatically genereated and install it using few kosole scripts.

Now, I beleive that this bears no relevance to experienced Linux users (experienced in console work), but if we want to attract windz users - simplicity is the key. Also, on KDE, there are two means for langpack upadating. I mean, enduser has two way to update langpack only (and not to do so by "accident" or as a "consequnce" of update of some application).
One way is via KBabel (but this requires installing one and setting it up).
Other way is via small application that has the sole purpose of updating local copy of PO files with remote ones (latest ones on official server).

I would suggest creation of addtional module that would provide (to enduser) following options:
- update of language (translation) only, automatic or manual
- feedback report about translation (report will be sent to translator of correcponding module, lang team coordinator and lang team bug report page)

From my experience, when I discuss my work with other users, quite a lot of them are a bit annoyed with the fact that they have to dig up contact address and go throu various procedures just to report one spelling error. I had more feedback when I contacted users, none from bug reports. (I also translated Opera, there I had 5-10 feedbacks on my request, and 2-3 bug reports) I know that user could visit i10n progres pages, click the module and check who is translator - but that IS to complicated for an AVERAGE enduser spoiled by MS support. We are not translating for ourselves - we are translating for benefit of people that do not speak english well/at all, and there is 99% that they are not computer proficent.

Shortcut to language update module should be placed on desktop by default. If possible, for that link/shortcut I recommend that as an icon it automaticaly displays national/language flag, code or wahtever lang team chooses. (link could be crated according to lang that has been chosen during installation process)

As you said: "1 out of 3 users uses a non-English desktop" I could add: "and another one does not know that localization even exists!"

Best support to translators could be achieved from users themselves, but they should have simple and quick way to access translator, national/language pages and updates, etc...

Best regards,
Renato Pavicic

mailto:repavici globalnet hr
also mailto:renato translator-shop org
homepage: www.translator-shop.org

Official Opera translator for Croatian language since April 2006

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