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Re: [Fwd: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging]

Dana Wed, 07 Mar 2007 16:33:02 +0100, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris glezos com> napisali ste:

O/H Renato Pavičić έγραψε:
I always had trouble
inserting translation into Fedora (ususaly I wait for a official
realease). On KDE its quite easy - just download the daily langpack
build that is automatically genereated and install it using few kosole

If we package translations in a different package than the application, then we can push updates of translations whenever we want through the update system and
yum, like any other package. So, no need for extra shortcuts etc. :)

Well, yeah, you are correct on this one. What I meant is that with the option that you've just describe it will not be difficult to add such shortcut or some other shortcut regarding localization. And this could be VERY helpful for teams that need support/help. For people that understand English well it is not common that an option to contribute with bugreports or localization effort is not first item on thier list. This could be like some reminder "you can help us" :)

I would suggest creation of addtional module that would provide (to
enduser) following options:
- update of language (translation) only, automatic or manual
- feedback report about translation (report will be sent to translator
of correcponding module, lang team coordinator and lang team bug report

For the second, we plan to create a separate Component on Bugzilla called
"Fedora translations" so that bugs will be filed directly to the maintainer of the language. If we really like to make it even simpler than that, then we'd need to discuss it more (like, create a more simple web page like a pre-bugzilla one with just a drop-down (lang) and a Comments box.

The shoter procedure - the better. End-users should have an option for a one or two click acces to lang report, with most automatic insertion/detection of package and term possible.

I think at this point we need to decide whether or not we are ready to have multiple packages & maintainers or a single one. If we have one package, then its going to be big and harder to maintain. An update to one language will need a whole repackage. On the other hand, having each language its own pack means some people from here will need to step forward as Language maintainers/coordinators and learn how the update system works.

I have no problem with such option. My support to this one. I work on serveral localizations, various types of applications, filetypes and OS's, and from my experience having a separate langpacks is always the best option.

Considere just this: in case a translator accidentaly screws up his/hers local copies, he/she is not obliged to download ALL languages. I know there are people out there with flat rate 10Mbps, but for me, it's like you live on Mars.

On the other issue, frankly speaking, I have no clue on programming procedures involved, but I guess it is not impossible becues gusy on KDE did that (appologize to all Gnome lovers for mentioning KDE so offten ;) )

Check the layout and info provided on their i10n site and statistics:

On individial team pages there are langpacks to download. I beleive they are daily build and that there is an option for team coordinator to run appropriate script? Will check with them. I strongly beleive they wil be very glad to help.

Reorganization of Fedora localization is needed. There are quite a lot of modules now, lot of a languages and lot of a people working on. Even some smaller projects have their l10n sites and project organized in a better way.

Best regards,
Renato Pavicic

mailto:repavici globalnet hr
also mailto:renato translator-shop org
homepage: www.translator-shop.org

Official Opera translator for Croatian language since April 2006

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