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Re: [Fwd: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging]

On Wednesday 07 Mar 2007 9:03:02 pm Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> O/H Renato Pavičić έγραψε:
> > I always had trouble
> > inserting translation into Fedora (ususaly I wait for a official
> > realease). On KDE its quite easy - just download the daily langpack
> > build that is automatically genereated and install it using few kosole
> > scripts.
> If we package translations in a different package than the application,
> then we can push updates of translations whenever we want through the
> update system and yum, like any other package. So, no need for extra
> shortcuts etc. :)
> We have two options: one, to have a big `fedora-langpack.rpm` and the other
> to split it in different languages (`fedora-langpack-de.rpm` etc).
like fedora-langpack-de instead of 100MB's single package!

> > Now, I beleive that this bears no relevance to experienced Linux users
> > (experienced in console work), but if we want to attract windz users -
> > simplicity is the key.
> > Also, on KDE, there are two means for langpack upadating. I mean,
> > enduser has two way to update langpack only (and not to do so by
> > "accident" or as a "consequnce" of update of some application).
> > One way is via KBabel (but this requires installing one and setting it
> > up). Other way is via small application that has the sole purpose of
> > updating local copy of PO files with remote ones (latest ones on official
> > server).
> >
> > I would suggest creation of addtional module that would provide (to
> > enduser) following options:
> > - update of language (translation) only, automatic or manual
> > - feedback report about translation (report will be sent to translator
> > of correcponding module, lang team coordinator and lang team bug report
> > page)
> For the second, we plan to create a separate Component on Bugzilla called
> "Fedora translations" so that bugs will be filed directly to the maintainer
> of the language. If we really like to make it even simpler than that, then
> we'd need to discuss it more (like, create a more simple web page like a
> pre-bugzilla one with just a drop-down (lang) and a Comments box.
> I think at this point we need to decide whether or not we are ready to have
> multiple packages & maintainers or a single one.
if we make multiple package with different SRPM, then automatic we
get bugzilla component for each package, and one maintainer for each
langauge, that is idea behind this


A S Alam
tz: GMT+5:30
"Either find a way or make one"

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