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Re: [Fwd: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging]

Le mercredi 07 mars 2007 à 14:44 -0500, Jeremy Katz a écrit :
> > Pros (many): increased modularity and maintenance (L10n repackages at
> > will). App packages will be smaller in size -- we could provide
> > one langpack or different ones per language.
> The size difference for most of the app packages are going to be
> negligible.  But now, to push a new pirut with new strings, I also have
> to coordinate the pushing of n langpack packages.  Which are each
> significantly larger than the amount you save on the app packages.  
> Jeremy

As I'm one of the "pros", i'd like to add that, on an entire system,
translations packages could (sometimes) represent 1/3 of total space
used !
On light systems, when I delete all unneeded translation file, I
sometimes free more dans 1GB disk space.

But this is data for the whole system. I don't know how much fedora
tools' translation files represent. Maybe it's almost nothing. I don't


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