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Re: Improving the currency of anaconda's pot file

Much appreciated, thanks.
Now we can actually be sure that we have translated all strings for our language and not have some lingering old pot-file that has not been updated.
That happened last release, even for the most experienced language translators.
This system will make it one less thing to worry about.

On 3/7/07, Chester Cheng <ccheng redhat com> wrote:
Hi Alam,

The automerge of all modules is implemented.
All po files will be merged with the pot file daily if there's any change.


A S Alam wrote:
we are under process to add automatic merge for ALL modules
with POT, This is not big task, and Most people agree with this
Not just that, but People already rose those issue to make Auto

Also, we are under process to make this possible, if you check mail from
list in last 2 days!


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