Fedora Translators: join the cvsl10n group

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Fri Mar 23 04:32:47 UTC 2007

Hey all!

As you might have already figured out, we are trying to make it easier for
translators to contribute to Fedora. Also, we are trying to make the L10N
Project more like the rest of the Fedora Projects: with its own group, processes
and identity.

Here is an overview of the current and future translation process.


This is the "standard" system for translations so far (also called 'elvis'). To
contribute here, you need to have a special account on the system and you get
the usual web interface to statistics. Once F7 is out, we are moving all Fedora
software away from this system.

** NOTE: ** Translations for Fedora software will CONTINUE on this system until
the release of F7.


This system hosts all that has to do with Fedora, including Documentation. In
fact, as mentioned earlier, once F7 is out, all Fedora-specific software
(`anaconda`, `system-config-*`, etc) will move here too.

** NOTE: ** Translations for Documentation are done on this system NOW.

If you would like to contribute with translations to Docs for the Fedora 7
release (browser homepage, release notes, install guide, etc), you need to
create a Fedora Account and request 'cvsl10n' membership now.

 1. If you already have a Fedora Account, request membership to `cvsl10n`:


 2. If you don't have a Fedora Account, please create one and join the group:


This group is a special CVS group for translators: It has access to all `po`
directories for projects hosted on `cvs.fedoraproject.org`. Those of you who
already have `cvsdocs` but only contribute to Docs with translations, can safely
remove `cvsdocs` from your list.

Probably some of the above might sound confusing or daunting. Any questions,
clarifications, feel free to ask.

I hope that eventually we will increase the coverage of our translations. The
default browser homepage in FC6 had only the following translations:

  Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified
  Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and US English.

Where is *your* language on that list? How about making the browser homepage
localized in 50 languages? :)


PS: I wrote the `/L10N/Join` page quickly, so it might contain mistakes. Please
correct any!

Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos at jabber.org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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