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Re: Fedora Translators: join the cvsl10n group

On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 10:34 +0100, Xavier Conde Rueda wrote:

> 1. short, don't put the strings on the release notes again, since
> release notes are too long to translate completely and are only useful
> for one given release,


These strings are not likely to change too much between releases.  We
can also get them frozen perhaps by test1(?), so they can be finished

> 2. as release neutral as possible, so we can reuse many of its strings
> for the following Fedora releases

AIUI, this is already done.  Paul W. Frields separated out the homepage
and about-fedora into separate POT files.  We had them all in one last
time because we were in different CVS systems and wanted to minimize the
files to move (and get lost, overwritten, etc.)  But this turned out to
be a pain for translators, so Paul fixed it a few months ago.

- Karsten
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