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Self-Introduction: Peter Sulyok

Dear Fedora Members,

My name is Péter Sulyok.
I am from Budapest, Hungary. (+0100)
I work on software development for a multinational mobile corp.
I would like to take part in translation of docs/websites/packages, and
start the Hungarian Welcome page in the wiki.
I have been hanging around Fedora Project since the beginning. I have
translated several packages for Fedora and other projects. I tried to
write documentation (Firewall Tutorial), develop config tool (GUI for
iptables) for Fedora. I have graduated in computer sciences, but I have
got my computer skills mainly from the free softwares in the Internet. I
work with Java, Oracle PL/SQL, and shell scripts now. I am also familiar
with Python, C, C++, PHP, GTK+, QT, autoconf/automake, cvs, subversion,
PostgreSQL, and system administration. Some of my products are available
here: http://sp.web.elte.hu/index.html.en

[peti sutty ~]$ gpg --fingerprint E2EA75DC
pub   1024D/E2EA75DC 2004-10-07
      Key fingerprint = EE9A 945B C9FA 2943 656A  A75A A92A 82E9 E2EA
uid                  Sulyok Péter <peti sulyok hu>
sub   2048g/DE2CE616 2004-10-07

Best Regards,

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