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Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Tue May 15 02:38:09 UTC 2007

> Im starting to work with quick-translation-guide-es and im having some
> questions an doubts:
> 1.- gtranslator options - PO Header - Language settings
> Language = Spanish
> language code = es
> language's group email = es at (what is this about?)

use here  fedora-trans-list-es at
so everybody working on spanish can be aware of the activity.

Charset = UTF-8 (changed from iso-8859-1)
> Encoding = 8bit


> 2.- How confifugre checkspelling for spanish with gtranslator?

I'm not using gtranslator, maybe I would try it.
I'm using poEdit from GNU.
It does checkspelling but I did not configure it to do it using a spanish
dictionary. By now, it spells english very well.  :-)  although useless.

You may also want to subscribe to fedora-trans-list-es at, so we may
speak our language and coordinate efforts.


Domingo Becker
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