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Re: Help translating some terms on rhn-client-tools

Le dimanche 29 avril 2007, Xavier Conde Rueda a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm having some difficulties translating the terms "compliance" and
> "bare-metal" on rhn-client-tools module. Maybe some other translators
> can explain it or give a useful definition:
> #: ../src/up2date_client/rhnreg_constants.py:45
> msgid "Compliance:"
> msgstr ""
> #: ../src/up2date_client/rhnreg_constants.py:52
> #: ../data/rh_register.glade.h:294
> msgid ""
> "Stay in compliance with your subscription agreement and manage
> subscriptions " "for systems connected to your account at
> http://rhn.redhat.com/."; msgstr ""
> #: ../src/up2date_client/rhnreg_constants.py:246
> msgid ""
> "Provisioning module: bare-metal provisioning, existing state provisioning,
> " "rollbacks, configuration management"
> msgstr ""
> Thanks in advance!

If you aren't able to thank people who try to help you, perhaps you can't get 
more help...
Don't expect to have any help from me.
I spent more than one hour to try to help you on system-printer-config without 
any answer from your.

Everybody who answer my question have my thanks.
That is respect.
Les pages de manuel Linux en français

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