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Re: Help translating some terms on rhn-client-tools

Uou, I lost that thread...

I'm true sorry Alain, I really forgot to thank you. I read your mail,
but I wasn't able to find the right terms for Catalan, so I forgot
system-config-printer and I didn't thank you. I really appreciated it.

Anyway, I'm sure many other people read your answer, was useful for
them and didn't thanked you. Have you blamed them yet? Any volunteer
to get blamed by Alain? Any hands? No? No? No? No?

I use to thank people their work, really :), and I do it a lot. I just
forgot you.

2007/5/1, Lauri Nurmi <lanurmi iki fi>:
ti, 2007-05-01 kello 02:03 +0200, Alain PORTAL kirjoitti:
> Le dimanche 29 avril 2007, Xavier Conde Rueda a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm having some difficulties translating the terms "compliance" and [...]
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> If you aren't able to thank people who try to help you, perhaps you can't get
> more help...
> Don't expect to have any help from me.

It is interesting that you interpret the completely polite phrase
"Thanks in advance" as an insult.

> Everybody who answer my question have my thanks.
> That is respect.

No, "thanks" is only a word.  If you automatically say that to everyone
who helps you on the list, how sincere are you really?  Do you really
express your gratitude, or just say it to look grateful.  And how can
the reader distinguish true gratitude from pretty words without deeper

Also, I don't think there is any reason to think a person receiving help
would not be grateful, or would want to show disrespect by not
explicitly saying "thanks."  The problem with the "thanks" messages is
that their informational value is zero, and still every list member
receives them, and must spend time reading them.

Imagine what would mailing lists be like, if everyone receiving help
would thank each helper separately once per question.  Approximately 50
per cent of all the messages on the list would be one-liners with
someone saying "thanks" to someone else.  It would be an annoyance to
find the messages with real content from that haystack.

Besides, shouldn't everyone receiving "thanks" also reply "you're
welcome" to show proper respect?


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