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Re: how can I translate the modules "summary" and/or "desc"

Op dinsdag 29-05-2007 om 11:31 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Michael
> Hello,
> I hope you can help me. I'm new at the translation of Fedora. 

Welcome to Fedora Translation then!

> I wanted
> to translate "summary" and/or "desc" into German. My problem is, that I
> can't translate the package summary/d cause it was not downloaded by
> doing:
>         export CVS_RSH=ssh
>         export  CVSROOT=:ext:michael i18n redhat com:/usr/local/CVS 
>         cvs -z9 co translate/
> After that in the folder "translate/" there are _no_ folders named
> "summary" or "desc"!
> Is this normal? How can I translate these packages?
These two directories *should* be in the directory "comps-po". If you
can't find them (or that directory doesn't exist), go into your
translate folder and enter "cvs co comps-po"

> Regards,
> Michi

Bart <couf fedoraproject org> <couf skynet be>
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