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Mon Oct 8 11:47:56 UTC 2007

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> Στις 01-10-2007, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 16:17 +0200, ο/η Marek Mahut έγραψε:
>> Hello Dimitris,
>> Dimitris Glezos wrote:
>>> I don't remember if I brought this up in the past, but some people have
>>> suggested to add a tool to our translation infrastructure for doing
>>> translations online. Some translators might prefer it, so we could have
>>> that too (as long as it integrates with our existing workflow).
>>> Benefits: more people working on the same translation, lower barrier to
>>> entry, easier to handle big files, tools have workflow embedded (reviews
>>> etc).
>>> To the folks that are interested in working on our l10n toolchain,
>>> here's a small task: Interested in investigating this a bit more? :)
>> +1, I think that this is what Fedora Translation project really needs.
>> If I look at ubuntu (lunchpad) or, I see that this strategy
>> works in awesome way!
>> Please, count me in for help!
> Awesome. Since we've now got some experience in setting up similar
> software, I could put up a task page with some steps we need to take,
> and then we can see from there what we need.
> Marek, are you willing to lead/push this? Of course I'll help any way I
> can and co-maintain.

Unfortunately no :( I don't have enough knowledge of python and turbo
gears at all. I'm volunteering to help with other issues but I would
like to leave python to experts. :)

>>> Some Qs that we'd need answered: What tools are out there (eg. Pootle)?
>>> How do they interface with the VCS and what are the options for
>>> authentication? What are their requirements in terms of software and
>>> infrastructure?
>> - From system point of view, I'm not sure what's the best. But form I've
>> heard pootle isn't so bad.
>> - Regarding authentication processes, I think everybody should be free
>> to translate without login, but for direct commit only few people (team
>> leads) would have ability to commit translated text.
>>From what I know, we've got this obligation that all translations should
> be done by people who have signed the CLA.
> So, we should check whether giving language coordinators the ability to
> commit non-CLA-signed stuff is a good idea or not. Theoretically, if the
> person is willing to take the responsibility, it should be OK. And I
> don't think we'll have a problem with translations (it's not like it's
> code or art).

I agree too, translation isn't personal propriety.

> Karsten? (CCing)
>> - I would integrate it to transfix, what do you think? How much work is it?
> *Transifex*. :D

Houps! ;)

> It will require a considerable amount of work. But the low-level parts
> are there: commit/push, integration with the Account System, controller
> examples. It's a really nice project for anyone who'd like to dig
> Turbogears a bit. Also, the foundation of Pootle (translate-toolkit)
> could be used here as well, and a project like this could give us a
> starting point for a workflow layer (translators, reviewers, etc).
> Installing and extending Pootle (upstream, upstream, upstream!) seems
> the Right Thing for now; some research should be made to see if
> implementing "from scratch" would be more beneficial long-term.

I will have a deeper look at pootle.

Anyone else interested to help with this project?

> -d

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