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fedora-trans-announce@redhat.com mailing list

Hello list,

In today's meeting we agreed to create a mailing list that will regroup all translation mailing lists together for easy distribution of announces. Following mailing lists has been subscribed:

	fedora-trans-ar redhat com
	fedora-trans-as redhat com
	fedora-trans-az redhat com
	fedora-trans-bal redhat com
	fedora-trans-bg redhat com
	fedora-trans-bn redhat com
	fedora-trans-bn_in redhat com
	fedora-trans-ca redhat com
	fedora-trans-de redhat com
	fedora-trans-el redhat com
	fedora-trans-es redhat com
	fedora-trans-fr redhat com
	fedora-trans-gu redhat com
	fedora-trans-hi redhat com
	fedora-trans-hu redhat com
	fedora-trans-id redhat com
	fedora-trans-it redhat com
	fedora-trans-ja redhat com
	fedora-trans-ko redhat com
	fedora-trans-list redhat com
	fedora-trans-pa redhat com
	fedora-trans-pl redhat com
	fedora-trans-pt redhat com
	fedora-trans-pt_br redhat com
	fedora-trans-ru redhat com
	fedora-trans-si redhat com
	fedora-trans-sk redhat com
	fedora-trans-sr redhat com
	fedora-trans-ta redhat com
	fedora-trans-tr redhat com
	fedora-trans-urdu redhat com
	fedora-trans-zh_cn redhat com
	fedora-trans-zh_tw redhat com

The idea is to serve something similar to fedora-announce-list, but only for L10N community. Due to wide distribution of emails throught fedora-trans-announce redhat com, only mailing list moderators can approve posts to this mailing list. At the moment, moderators are same as fedora-trans-list, but this will change once we get our FLSCo. One of responsibility of FLSCo members will be reviewing and approving posts to fedora-trans-announce.

Dimitris, as you missed the meeting, can you let us know what do you think and eventually announce this announce list to fedora announce mailing list (heh)?

Marek Mahut               https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/
Fedora Project                                   http://www.jamendo.com/

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