For those interested in L10N Infrastructure Development

Asgeir Frimannsson asgeirf at
Wed Apr 2 09:55:35 UTC 2008

Hi all,

During the L10N IRC meeting yesterday we briefly touched on the pressing need 
for more volunteers in the maintenance and development of the Fedora L10N 
infrastructure. We need people with many types of skills, for example:
- Web design (e.g. html, css, javascript)
- Python (mainly turbogears) and other programming languages
- Familiarity with version control systems.

This is a great way of learning and getting involved in open source 
development, don't be shy! If you're interested, feel free to contact me, 
Dimitris Glezos or any of the other wranglers on #fedora-l10n (freenode, 

To the rest of the team: thanks for the great work you're doing getting Fedora 
translated into your native language!


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