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Re: GSoC 2008: Transifex - Federated architecture

O/H Andreas Louca έγραψε:
Dear all,

As part of the Google Summer of Code, I will apply to Fedora project,
for an improvement to Transifex. The project title is Transifex:
Server-federated architecture, and it was originally suggested by
Dimitris Glezos, and this proposal is drafted on top of the ideas we
discussed with him earlier.

I would really like your comments on this, so I can adjust the
proposal according to your thoughts and needs, so the project can
create something useful.

Thank you for your time

   * Common authentication mechanism (either by using OpenID for
example, or exposing an authentication mechanism for local user-base)

Hi! My name is Vasilis Kalintiris and I've applied for Transifex: Authorization and Permission Layer.
Your project and ideas are wonderful!

My goals for authorization/permission layer include support for OpenID. Also, my project should be interoperateable with Vertimus, a project that tracks the progress of translation workflow.

As you can see there are some common goals between your project and mine. It would be perfect to have several discussions while the development of our projects in order to seperate and distribute
the workload wisely.

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