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Re: Reminder: Translation deadline for Fedora 9 is in 2 days (7/4)

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
A quick reminder that we have the deadline for translation submission
for Fedora 9 on the 7th of April. Translations submitted after this
date can't be guaranteed to be included in Fedora 9. To see the
translation statistics of your language, visit the following link
(substituting <lang> with your locale):


You can get your language's files using the following commands and
submit them as usual through Transifex, at

  export MYLANG=<lang-code>
  wget -q -r -N -l 1 --accept *$MYLANG.po -nd -nH -P pofiles

I'll send an email to fedora-devel-announce and ask maintainers to
repackage before the feature freeze of 8/4. If you notice a package in
Rawhide that hasn't been rebuilt after 7/4, please let the maintainer
know (and have me CC'd as well). In the next release we'll make sure
to have a bigger gap between these two days.

Should we send reminders like this to fedora-trans-announce?

Finally, as far as the Mercurial-hosted projects in Transifex are
concerned (commits aren't pushed upstream) -- I'll manually merge
Transifex's local branch (head, actually) some time in the weekend and
pray this will work.


Marek Mahut               https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/
Fedora Project                                   http://www.jamendo.com/

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