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Re: Reminder: Translation deadline for Fedora 9 is in 2 days (7/4)

Dapid Candra wrote:
Hi All,

I am wondering if my language (id) will be included in Fedora 9
release. Seems that all module is ignoring the language, and the
maintainers also. Why should we do this great effort then?
Hi Dapid
I don't know what I can do for you here... sorry what do you mean 'ignoring'?

Recently I got mails from Wade, in those so many emails he sent, none
is for id. I check the
https://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/docs-release-notes, and
surprise that even hi_IN, language with no name and only 6%
translated, got listed.
For rel-notes, I see Indonesian (id) the above with 26%.

I checked LINGUS file under po/ directory, but I can not see the language code of 'id' there. I added 'id' in the list and committed.
Hope it works.

Paul, Karsten, is this right?

What's wrong with language id? Almost every module listed id as 'not
in LINGUAS file' even though I contact the maintainer directly. Seems
that you are ignoring us.
Can you tell us a little bit specific?
I see everything great here; https://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/id/fedora-9


What action item did I missed? What should I do to include Indonesian
(id) to Fedora 9 release?

Thank you,

Dapid Candra

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